Frank Fekete


Kol Henrikson


Rick Bourne


Rob Jenkins


James Thompson

The UBCOB Ravens excel as much off the pitch as they do on it.


Club President Frank Fekete has been with the Ravens for over 30 years. After attending UBC, Frank applied his playing trade with the Ravens, before taking on the President role in September 2015. Often leading by example, Frank acts as the club liaison with BC Rugby, Canadian Rugby and other BC Rugby Clubs. 


Kol Henrickson - Vice President. Kol and his family are very active members of the Ravens. With Kol's Dad Garth, as grounds keeper, Mum Karen, as photographer and Brother Benz also a current player, Kol and his family epitomizes everything that is great about the Ravens.  


The Treasurer - Rick Bourne, has been with the club since its creation and it still a very active member of the club. A well known and respected member in both the BC and Canadian rugby communities, Rick has donated a tremendous amount of time, money and effort to the development of rugby in Canada. 

With Rob Jenkins as Secretary, the Ravens weekly newsletter keeps alumni, players and family members up to date with everything that is going on. Rob, an ever-present presence at both home and away games, was awarded the 2018/19 Supporter of the Year award.  


James Thompson - Director of Rugby. James joined the Ravens in 2016, he and his assistant coaches have not looked back. After graduating from UBC, James set about transforming the Ravens culture both on and off the pitch. Running high-intensity training sessions, players are continually challenged to perform under duress and pressure. 

Together the Ravens Leadership have guided the club to the most successful period in the clubs history with an unrivaled winning record across both Senior and Junior programs. The highlights are:    

2018 Premier Championship

2018 Canadian Club Championship 

2018 U16 Provincial Championship  

2018 U18 Provincial Runners-up

2019 Premier Championship

2019 Premier Reserve Championship

The 2018/2019 Ravens Executive:

- Frank Fekete 

- Rick Bourne

- Kol Henrickson 

- Rob Jenkins 

- Ken Krohman 

- Charlie Thorpe